Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mod Two, chapter one

Chapter One of Module Two is about studying tone.  The exercises are to learn about creating a gray scale using different methods and mediums.
a)  Faber Castell 1.5 bullet nib black pen and squiggly lines.  This would be easy to translate to machine stitch.  Hand stitch could be with couched lines
b)  Cut black paper.  Easy in hand stitch maybe a sorbello stitch or just a group of straight or crossstiches. Also easy with machine stitch
c)  White pan pastel on black paper (black pan pastel added to top to create a better black).  Not as easy with stitch unless you do very tiny stitches, but easy with dyes or paints.
d) Black sumi paint base with white zinc acrylic paint applied with brush pushed and squished.
e)Black sumi ink applied with side of foam brush; create in stitch with machine stitch changing stitch width or by hand with bullion stitch perhaps.
f)  Black sumi ink base with zinc white acrylic paint added with side of foam brush.

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