Saturday, October 29, 2016

Module One, chapter Twelve, paper color

Here I am playing with the transparency of the papers to create more saturated color or neutralize the colors.

Module One, Chapter Twelve, paper compositions, set two

In example four above, I switched to a dark background that is broken into a light area too.

Example five above, is simplified.

Example six above switches One shape to a more disintegrated shape.

I think my favorite is example four.

Module One, Chapter Twelve, paper compositions Set one

I did most of the design work in black and whites.  I wanted to make sure the design was strong on its own before adding color.  After reviewing several basic shapes over the entire module, I focused on two basic shapes that I not only really liked, but that felt that I could illustrate growth and disintegration.
On example one, it was the simplest.

On example two, I let the design move off the page.  I didn't like it, but did like the way the form began to break up.

In example three, I thought about using the disintegration to form a compositional line as well as line density.  The space was too small to develop the line.

In example four, I started liking it better.

Module One, Chapter Eleven, part four

One idea that I had was to use yarn and water soluble to illustrate disintegration.  I think that it shows a lot of potential for the theme of disintegration.