Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decolourant is fun!

I went to the Original Sewing Expo with my BFF Rebecca on Friday. We had so much fun looking at new products and watching them demoed by experts (most of the time). One of my favorite new purchases was deColourant and DeColourant plus. It is a discharge paste. I previously played with discharge paste which you have to mix up your self. It is safer and less toxic than bleach discharge. With traditional discharge paste you can add vat dyes (if I remember correctly) to discharge and add color back in one step. It was quite a process with mixing and a mess. What I loved about this is it was so easy to use. Since going back to work, my art time is precious and saving hours in mixing chemicals and clean up is important.
Here is my first try with it, I bought a purple batik fat quarter from Karen's shop, in Jasper, Quilting on Main. Using a stencil, I applied the decolourant. I now need to let it dry then heat it to remove the color. I will post the results.