Sunday, December 11, 2016

Module Two, Chapter Three, part Seven, animal skin patterns A

- I really wanted to use a hoop to insure that I could control the large piece of fabric and stabilizer, but it accommodate the length, I had to use the X-large hoop; I quickly learned that it was hard to control the stitches as I was almost a foot and a half away from machine when I reached the end of the row and I still couldn't turn the piece easily and therefore had to use "reverse" on the machine.  It was hard to stitch a straight line.  (HINT:  use a water soluable marker to to create line guides)  Also, in the future, don't use hoop but a instead a good stabilizer, either felt, washaway, or thicker paper.

A)  Scallop, only changed width at end
B) Gathering stitch #7, changed stitch length and went over a few areas to create tone.
C)  Honeycomb stitch; wasn't great at keepingit straight, I decided to accentuate the shift.
D)  Running Stitch; I didn't change the stitch length until the last two passes; reverse stitched rows were completely different look.

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