Sunday, December 11, 2016

Module Two, Chapter Three, Animal Skins, Part 2

As this was still a general experimental exercise, I used the base and created different variations.

A)  working with the honeycomb base, I added some additional rows to create a darker tone and then a connecting line.
A.1 and A.2)  Crisscrossed the line to create possible snake skin pattern
B, B.1, and B.2)  Running Stitch base with Stitch #6 over it; not very interesting, but I did do a few more rows under it.
C)  Stitch #6, then dropped the feed dogs,  whip stitch
C.1) Stitch #6, then dropped the feed dogs, heavier whip stitch, and freeform zigzag in one row, connected
C.2)  Stitch #6, then dropped the feed dogs,  whip stitch, connected freeform zigzag to create spots in center; played with denser, and then gradually lighter stitching toward the right.

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