Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chapter nine, module one

This was the multi colored ripple le effect reverse applique.AdobePhotoshopExpress_2016-04-24_13-06-08-0400_edited. i used some fabrics that i dyed myself using deconstruction printmaking technique that I learned in a workshop with Carol Soderlund.  i can't quite work out what i don't like about it.  my best guess is there is not a great value change in this sample.

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Chapter nine. Module One, machine reverse applique

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2016-04-24_13-10-07-0400_editedI am still getting back into the right frame of mind to do these samples. For this one, I used multiple layers of fabric to do reverse applique. With the multiple layers, I machine stitched a layer and cut it out and then the next until I got to the yellow center. The wacky cross stitch in yellow stranded cotton almost forms another star layer. Although it is fuller closer to the shape, I stitched an uneven stitching to break it up. I then stitched a dark blue thread over both the blue and the burgundy layers.

Chapter Nine, Module one, Reverse Applique

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I am finally back working on my City and Guilds course with Sian Martin after several years. I am determined to finish this by the end of next year by creating self-imposed deadlines. I spent most of last week reacquainting myself with the earlier assignments and finding all the pieces that I had completed.

Here is my sampling of reverse hand applique. I really expected this to be easy as I have done several applique quilts including a twenty block Baltimore album quilt. My first mistake was not counting the number of layers that I would need. I had thought to use the mustard yellow loose woven cotton as the base layer. I knew it would be hard to applique, and it was. I added the satin fabric to the back and did the best I could. I used the blue chain stitch to camouflage the raveling seam to some extent. The backstitch was used to emphasize the stronger outer lines. The stars in the background was to create a more interesting background without taking away from the primary design element