Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mojo needs a home

I started being a foster Mom for Mush Rescue, a local husky rescue group. This is Mojo. He was found at the end of March near Noonday creek. So far no one has claimed this amazing dog so Mush rescue was called to take him. Hopefully he will find the perfect home soon.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Another fairy garden

This is another one that I made this weekend. The little house was purchased at an antique store in Ellijay. I made the bonsai tree myself.

Another fairy garden

This is another one that I made this weekend. The little house was purchased at an antique store in Ellijay. I made the bonsai tree myself.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fairy Garden number Four

Here is Fairy garden number four. I want to Goodwill and got the wire container for $3. A trip next door to big lots for the coco liner for $2.50 came next. My friend Tammy had suggested that I try breaking a tile for the walkway as an alternative to the pebbles, so while at Goodwill I found a set of four white tiles for $2. I then went to Kelli Greens nursery. I spoke the wonderful gardener who works there and she told me bout some Elfin Thyme that she had growing in the back. I bought three of them for $3.75 each. It is on the left. I also used what I had left of the Irish moss. green's also sold the little fairy and the mushroom for $4.99 each. I added the small sand dollar and the small geode as well.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bonsai miniature with elf

Today I took the spruce that I had started pruning the other day and did a little more. I also started wiring one of the branches. I haven't decided on its final shape yet, so I wasn't too aggressive with the pruning. Next I did a bit of the roots. I couldn't find the right size container, so I uses one that was a bit big. This is probably just temporary until it finds it's way into a larger garden scene, but it is cute now. I added a farmer elf that I found in an antique store last weekend in Ellijay. It was a set for $6 and these are only a few of the pieces.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Second Fairy Garden

So I stopped by Pike's on the way home from work to fill in plants for the first garden and they had smaller fairy garden kits ($33), and I couldn't resist. I also checked out other plants that I thought might be appropriate and came up with a few. The two big splurges was for a golden carpet juniper which I can start training as a bonsai and another angel vine which was already trained into a circle. I finished it off with more Irish moss, some moss from my front yard, and Georgia blue speedwell (the pretty little flower in front). I almost forgot the Powys castle artemisia. I pruned it to be tree like and it turned out really cute. I am addicted. I have more stuff now to make another. I just need containers.

Miniature Fairy Garden

I was visiting Blue Ridge this weekend with my sister. We passes a cute little garden/floral store called Penelope's. Besides having a collection of breathtaking orchids, they also sold miniature fairy gardens. I had never seen them before and fell in love. They are so precious. The one they had set up was over $200 so I bought the kit and decided to make it myself. I bought the lavender tree from them as I wanted the scale. I also bought the Irish moss there. I also bought the angel vine from them to wrap around the arbor. I bought more Irish moss from Pike's (same price double the plant).