Saturday, February 24, 2007

This is as far as I have gotten this week. I will add thread information later. The orange ribbon row does not look nearly as uneven in person. I will have to work on it somemore. The last like is not finished. I have done a few running stitches with Rachelete and will come back and do the chain stitch.

Friday, February 23, 2007

This is the beaded part of a bead embroidery cuff. I still need to attach it to the brass cuff part, but by scanning it flat, I have a better record of the whole piece.

This was our "more" resolved piece from my Jan and Jean workshop. It is inspired from the open chestnuts left by the squirrels. I worked it on the adhesive water soluable stablizer with just small scraps of scrim and roving. The piece is then put on kunin felt that has been distrissed and then used the embellisher to attach it to an orange piece of hand dyed scrim.

Here is another embroidery sample that I did in Jan and Jean's class. It was done on Avalon Fix which is an adhesive stabilizer and then hand embroidered. Very fun and very cool. I have it attached to hand painted paper as a background

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is the base of box for my tome. I created it on my embellisher. My box is going to have a garden them and this to me was a great garden floor base. I am planning on doing some relief/3 dimensional felting on top of this base.

This is the other piece that I felted on Friday. I was very busy this weekend. I felted these two rugs, dyed about 4 yards of scrim, felted a doll, and felted some beads!

I was very busy on Friday. Here is one of the rugs that I felted. I had half felted the foundation of both. It was then very easy to lay out the design and finish felting the piece. I will be teaching a class in wet felting at Fiber on a Whim in Atlanta ( at the end of March.