Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embellisher pattern

On this piece I was playing with pattern and recreating a pattern from another source. It was one of the exercises that I did with Jean Littlejohn. Now I have to go back into it and add handwork.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Handmade Stamps at Play

I am taking on online class from Traci Batista on monotypes. I had such a great time in Tam's class that I couldn't resist taking another and Traci is such a great artist! These are just two of the two dozen stamps that I have made so far this WEEK! I really like the idea of border patterns and of course, adding negative space to the pattern!!! I can't wait to really start using these in a painting.

Handmade Stamps

Here is another set of stamps, both the positive and negative! I like both.

handmade stamps

These are some of the stamps I created from on online class with Traci Batista. This is just one set.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Needlelace sampler

While visiting Molly, I worked on hand embroidery. It is an area where I could really use some help and Molly is an expert! I decided to work on Needlelace which I think is one of the greatest textures in fibers. This is one of the samples that I made. It also fits into the latest Stitch Explorer challenge. Instead of using the traditional stitches to create the stitch I used needlelace to work the negative areas.

Paper Casting with Molly

I spent the weekend up in North Carolina with my friend, Molly, who is an incredible fiber artist. We spent the weekend working on "artistic goals" and critiquing work. We also played with more paper casting. I did it a few weeks ago, but working alone I really didn't take it that far. Molly had great ideas to take it in new directions. We also have "challenged" each other come up with great ways to use it to stitch somehow.