Saturday, December 10, 2016

Module two, chapter two part one

A)  This was hard for me.  I have only worked on canvas twice in my life.  I also haven't done cross stitch in decades.  I do have to admit that the repetition was relaxing, but then I would make mistakes.  It wasn't until half way through that I remembered how to do half stitches to keep filled uniformly at the sides!  I really didn't want to allow myself to do half stitches, as then I would have just stared doing straight stitches at a diagonal instead of sticking to a true crossstitch.  I would have much rathered doing it more freeform because I feel much more comfortable with it, but it I do appreciate working out of my comfort zone.

       Speaking of comfort zone, I have never done blackwork before!  I had to buy the RSN Essential Stitch Guide to Blackwork.  I actually enjoyed doing it.  There was something very calming about it.  I have to admit.  I was pretty bad at following the pattern and went from my gut several times in all of the black work pieces.

B)  done with 14 count Aida and #12 pearl cotton from DMC

C)Harlequin pattern on 14 count Aida #12 pearl cotton from DMC.  I started with a more squared stitch but then started over with a more elongated stitch.

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