Thursday, November 24, 2016

Module one, Cost

After completing the first module, now I can see where I can improve this for the future.  Instead of just putting the cost, I am going to start calculating a unit cost which is a better method for finding a true cost of a piece.  For example,I might buy several spools of thread but it would be great to simate how much is being used to cover a four in square heavily versus medium coverage.

Most of the work in process was kept in my sketchbook.  I even attached most of my working samples in there too.  Some of my design sheets, composition sheets, and more developed samples were stored in an acid free, archival quality presentation book. This way, if I need to refer back to module one, I can easily reference this work as well as my notes.
While working, my papers were kept in a plastic storage pin.  My fabrics were kept in another plastic storage pin.  Paints were kept in plastic storage bins by type of medium (acrylic high flow, watercolor, brush, all kept seperate) so they could be quickly accessed but also stored when it was time to move on.
I have two sewing machines which are always kept out and available.  One is kept covered with a cloth to keep the dust away when not needed.
All of my dry dyes and chemicals are also kept in a large plastic storage bin that shuts.
Machine threads are kept in plastic cases specifically made for thread storage.  They are organized my weight of thread and metallics.

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