Sunday, December 11, 2016

Module Two, Chapter Three, Part 6, Cable

I had a few hiccups when I started doing my cable stitches!  In the past, I have done lots of bobbin work (especially with Ricky Tims sparkly thread) so was frustrated with the mistakes.  After I "got it", I remembered how much I love this effect.

A)  Straight stitch with Pearl cotton #5 hand wound in bobbin;  It came out great, except I had stabilizer on the bottom which is where the cabling appeared.
B)  Gathering stitch but stitch length increased, no stabilizer; bobbin tension is off slightly, but I like it; would like it better with stabilizer to control puckering.
C)   Bottom part:  tried repeating A, but the machine "ate" it!  Came back later and used a thin but long zigzag stitch.  I really like it even though the bobbin tension is too loose, but I take it as a happy accident.
D)  This one was just for fun.  I had to drop the feed dogs for a few minutes at least!  It would be a very easy way to build tonal variation like this.  I also wanted to see what it would look like when repetitively going over the lines and seeing the buildup.

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