Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Complex Stitched Design Four, Chapter Eight

Complex Stitched Design Three, Chapter Eight

Layer one: sheer machine stitched down

Layer two: painted wonder under

Layer three: machine stitched grid on Water Soluble

Padded layer of yellow (don't have a clue how it became so lopsided)!!!

Last, I hand stitched to bring out the yellow and to integrate the design. I also have been having computer trouble and no longer have my Photoshop! It was old anyway and needed to be upgraded, but in the meantime, it is hard for me to crop!

Complex Stitched Design Two, Chapter Eight

OKAY! I really tried to go complex on this one! I used kunin felt as the base with another layer of kunin felt pressed together using an embellisher. I then "created" a square of fabric with ribbon yarn using water soluble and machine stitching. This was then treated as a layer which is machine stitched down. The yellow layer is then padded with batting. The yellow felt triangles where added last.

Complex Stitched Design One, Chapter Eight

I really wanted to start simple with this chapter's assignments. My base layer is only machine stitching. I bourt a new computerized machine the year before and really haven't used the some of the special stitches "muscle" yet. I programmed a stitch size that I thought would be appropriate for the size and density. For the top layer, I purposely choose a computerized stitch what would work with instead of fight the satin fabric's tendency to fray.

Stitch Design Six, Chapter Seven

I really wanted to add a fourth layer to one of these samples; however, when it came time to add a top layer, I decided against it.

I used Kunin felt as a base and then my hand dyed purple burlap. The burlap really turned out wonderful and added great texture to the piece. I then added a piece of my stamped fabric on top. I really liked this sample.