Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stars and Crosses Line Drawings, Page One

As part of module one, the assignment is to explore design using the motif of either a star or a cross. These are some of my line drawings for stars and crosses. I am more drawn to stars because at first glance they are a more complex shape. However, as you really start looking at them, stars and crosses have a lot in common. The only real difference, TO ME, is a cross will only have four appendages, while a star can have more. I started this exercise with paper and pen brainstorming what a star is defined as and then what a cross is defined with to me. It is amazing how deep you can go when you allow yourself the time.
This is page one. I will post page two later.

Color Wheel Study

One of the first assignment that Sian has you do is create a color wheel. Although she asks to work them with gouache, I could not find my set (I don't use them often), so instead I used my Golden Fluid Acrylics. There is some streaking, but I think it is okay.
We used two different base hues of the primaries to create the wheel. I don't know if I liked it as much, or if it made it harder to get the colors to flow from one to the next. I think that I would have prefered to create several different wheels using the cooler primaries and then one using the warmer primaries. To me the hardest color to duplicate was the turquoise. I had to create several swatches before I felt it was right.
Another thing to think about is how much black is added. The point really wasn't to make a dark color but really to mute the brightness of the pure hue.