Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More stamps with their fabric

Here are two more I did yesterday. The carved stamps on on the left and the stamped fabric is on the right. I really am enjoying them. These blocks are so much easier to carve than a lino block. It is almost like cutting through butter. I did two more a fern and a lotus flower. I will get those up later! I am actually sick again today. I am feeling a little better, but didn't sleep because of the coughing and stuffiness, so I actually took the day off work.

What to do when you aren't feeling well...

I was sick yesterday. It is my usual day off and Tuesdays are my play days so that was a really sad for me, but I just can't lay in bed all day, so I carved stamps. This one I call my swirly one. Great and imaginative name, right? What can I say my head hurts! This one is carved using the crumply ereaser material from Speedball. They have two different types of carving blocks, this one which isn' t the best, and another, which is great (it is pink). I will come back later and give the actual names for reference.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stewart Gill Deep Etched Stamps

I have been playing with Stewart Gill paints since Christmas and love them. They also sell a "deeply etched" rubber stamp and I really wanted to try it. When stamping on fabric, it is hard to get a really detailed stamp to work on fabric, and they claimed that this one would. Well, being me, I wanted to see for myself, and I am so pleased with the results. It passed with flying colors. For those in the States who would like to check into this line of paints, try Liz is very nice. I recommend the Byzantine line, metallica, and Pearlized ( get their whites - they are awesome). They are by far my favorite. Although there Colourize line is very nice, I have a large inventory of Golden Acrylics and don't see why I should buy two lines! I just ordered their embossing powders and flakes. This is painted and stamped directly onto timtex.

Plexiglass Etched Cat

Here is a cat that I etched. I do like it and would like to add different colors to it. My only problem is that I think it looks like the lady who does that cat fabric. I think her name was Lauren Burch. I will have to google her and see.

Etching on Plexiglass

I am taking another printmaking class. This was etched with a sharp object into plexiglass then printed. I didn't work from a sketch but just started doodling. My life drawing teacher would probably cringe at the out of proportion features - maybe it gives it character.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Vessel panel two

This is another side of the vessel.

Fiberella Workshop Vessel

This past Friday was my birthday. I gave myself a two day workshop with "Fiberella". It was wonderful. Here is one side. I wasn't too happy with the look but I do like the idea. I ended up using some Stewart Gill paints on it also. That was another birthday present. What great paints! I bought them from Liz at the Art Cellar.