Sunday, December 11, 2016

Module Two, Chapter Three, Part five, Whip Stitch

I adjusted the bobbin holder one half turns to the left

A) ZigZag, black thread in bobbin, white on top; I began by trying to adjust the tension.  After awhile, I really wanted to drop the feed dogs to create more stitches at a faster rate, easier.  
B) ZigZag with Straight stitch, black thread in bobbin, white on top; very interesting pattern.
C)  Honeycomb Stitch 13, black on top and bobbin;  I tried to ceate variation throughout.  The zigzag looking area in the middle happened when I dropped the feed dogs and hand pushed the fabric.
D)  ZigZag, Black thread top and bobbin; created mainly changing the stitch width and changing the length on only a few.

With the white thread on top, it creates great stitch texture, while having black on top and bobbin, creates great spidery effect

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