Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Module One, Chapter Three, Design Sheet A

Design Sheet A
1 and 2) Counterchange
3 and 4) Counterchange Although I love this design, it is so traditional that I can't feel that it is "mine".
5 and 6) Symmetry and Asymmetry
7) Circular Star
8) Star in a diamond
9) Star in a Square
10) Star in a Triangle
11) Positive and Negative
12) Repeat Pattern This was an easy one of me. As I work part-time in a quilt store, I understand repeating patterns and the secondary designs that they make. My biggest obsticle was to try and find something fresh and original.

For the repeat pattern, instead of working with paper alone. I scanned my "Star in a Triangle" shape into Photshop and started playing with the different repeats. When I found the one I really liked, I cut paper to create the this design. I pasted some of the repeating designs in my sketchbook for future reference. I might cut a new stamp for this shape and use it on some of the fabric for Chapter 5.

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