Sunday, May 02, 2010

Module One, Chapter Two, Painted Papers

Here is the collection of my painted papers as well as a few of my purchased papers from my stash. I am going for a royal blue/purple and an orange/yellow. I had a hard time getting the right purple. I wanted a blue purple, but the color kept getting too magenta. In the end, I think I created enough blue-purples to work with for the these exercises.
I used spent procion dyes for most of them. I am more comfortable with Golden acrylics so this was nice to try something new. I also tried some brusho powders, but had a hard time getting different color saturation, as they all turned out dark.
One of the orange sheets is actually wonder under (a paper backed fusible webbing) that I painted. Hopefully, I can use it in another part of this chapter. I used a variety of different types of paper: Japanese sumi practice paper, construction paper, newsprint, newspaper, printer paper, handmade paper, and store bought white paper with a grid design built into it.

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