Sunday, May 02, 2010

Module One, Chapter Two, Paper Cut Outs

Here is another set of paper cut outs. The background paper is a store bought washi paper with gold threads embedded. It measures 8 inches by 11 inches. I like several of these designs. My least favorite is the upper far right design. It is just too "common" as compared to the others. The cherry blossom on the upper far left seems to be pretty boring, but I think it has such potential, either with color variation or interesting stitching. I would also love to see it three dimensional with stitching. My two favorites are the upper middle one and the lower left designs. Both have lots of potential. The lower left design is just fun and exciting. The lower left design is also done with a pair of fiskar fringe design scissors.

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Jane Greiner said...

Hi Sharon,

I really like these cut outs. I have to agree with you on your favourites! I particularly like the top middle one. I think it is because you have put curved lines in which softens it. It will be interesting to see how you develop these!