Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Module One, Chapter Three, Design sheet B

Design Sheet B
Part One
1. Border and Corner For this, I used another one of the counter change designs. I really like the diamond that this is formed where the two blocks meet. I also liked the the way the three star points came together in the corner

2. Linking Two different star shapes. I really like the this spiky yellow star. I don't think the purple star really strengthens the design.

3. Linking border This would make an interesting diagonal border. This design really activates the space around it, despite of its simplicity.

4. Scale I also played around with this design in photoshop. I used the scale variation to accent a curvature to go around a corner.

Design Sheet B, Part 2

1)New Shape from old: I used a cherry blossom star design and cut it up to creat a different design. It is only so-so.
2) New Shape from old: I liked this one better.
3) Linking two different shapes
4) Linking two different shapes - a variation of the above
5)Linking Borders - I really enjoyed the repetition of the designs in both 4 and 5. In the future chapters, I would like to play with repetition.

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