Monday, June 07, 2010

Stitched Design Three, Chapter Seven

Here is my third stitched sample. It is actually more like 5 by 9 inches as it is doubled. It is on kunin felt with purple commercial fabric and hand dyed (purchased in Japan) muted yellow on top.
Although I thought that I had centered the pattern on the felt, I made a mistake and only left 1/2 inch of felt on one side.
I really like the pattern created by doubling this design. The two together are much stronger than just a single repeat. I used a vanishing/wash away thread to baste again.
On the purple layer I used Splender #5 twisted silk thread. It was a 10 yard package and I barely had enough to finish! I used a chain stitch for a bold outline on the purple which I wrapped with a lighter purple.

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