Monday, June 07, 2010

Stitched Design One, Chapter Seven

I wanted to keep the first one on the simple side. I am not great at hand embroidery and so I have decided to really emphasis the hand embroidery on these samples. At the beginning of the exercise, I didn't understand why we were asked to transfer the designs on to the back of the muslim and then baste each layer on the top before stitching. This was is much more accurate with whole cloth cut-away. On the top, I hand basted with cotton thread on the bottom layer and hated pulling those basting threads out. On the top layer, I used YLI Wash Away thread to baste. I still removed most of the basting by hand, but those hard to get bits were dissolved with a wet Q-tip. On the bottom layer, I used a stem stitch and on the top I used a double row of back stitch.

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