Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Module One, Chapter 5, Painted Fabric Two

Here is a set of my painted fabric. I really like working with tone on tone and realized that the majority of my fabric was orange/yellow on orange/yellow or blue/purple on blue/purple! I made several new fabrics with the compliments. I really liked them.

I also experimented with different ways to color the fabric. I came close to using thickened fabric dyes, but decided that it would not be "learning" to use ways that I was most familiar with and so I used several Golden Fluid acrylic paints, Lumerie (another acrylic), Stewart Gill acrylic, and Dye-na-Flow. I really didn't like the Dye-na-Flow as it didn't keep the detail. I also tried Fabrico stamp ink. It advertises as being color fast on fabric. Both of the bottom two fabrics were done with these inks. I think they were not only the easiest to work with but also kept the most defined edges.

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