Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Module One, Chapter 6, Bonded Fabric

Far left fabric is a sandwich of light blue nylon tulle sprinkled with Bo-nash powder with small scraps from my paper cutting exercises. I didn't like the white spots created when the bonding powder melted so I took some gold foil and foiled the piece too.
The right fabric is two pieces of yellow nylon tulle with snippets of dmc stranded thread and gold thread held together with bonding powder.
Middle left piece is painted wonder-under on yellow tulle.
Lower left bonded fabric was created with a bottom layer of commercial purple fabric. On this I ironed some lightly painted wonder-under and then added a layer of snippets of blues and purples, as well as gold thread. I then added more bonding powder as the snippet layer was so thick, and topped it with a piece of nylon sheer. When I actually used this piece in my fused sample and again in my stitched sample, I used the embellisher to distress the sheer and remove the "high gloss".

The far left piece is a commercial print fabric with angelina fused with wonderunder. I then addded a layer of sheer on top.
Middle layer is a heavier netting with snippets and covered with tulle.
On the far right, is two layers of sheers with snippets of other sheers sandwiched between them.

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