Monday, October 20, 2008

Quilt Show Classes

I took three classes at the Quilt Show this past weekend. One was with Myrna Ficken and two were with Deloa Jones. I learned so much and came home and played with my Voyager. It is a 17 inch mid-arm quilting machine. I don't think it is that bad for a beginner!


misE said...

The quilting is BEAUTIFUL!
I just found your blog by chance...and what a blessing!

May Terry said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!

May from the MM art group

maggi said...

These are great. Is a mid arm quilting machine smaller than a long arm. I have been put off so far by lack of available space for a long arm.

Fulvia said...

Very nice work. Do you have any photos of your Voyager set up? Thanks.