Monday, October 06, 2008

Paper bags before printing

Here are two of the cut pieces of the plain brown shopping bag. First I cut out the bottom of the bag and ironed it flat. I then cut them to fit on a regular letter size sheet of paper as I thought it would be easier to feed through the printer. I attach each piece to a carrier. I did this by using a glue stick around the edges and attaching them to regular printing paper. I did iron them flat after gluing. Last night, only one of the 5 prints got stuck in the printer. On the right is inkAid's white matte precoat. It seems to be similar to Golden's Digital Ground White matte. The big difference was the InkAid needed to be stirred REALLY REALLY well before using. It has this thick chalk-like substance in the bottom that needed to be remixed. Golden's didn't seem to need it as bad. I just shook the bottle for good measure. Another consideration is both matte products went on clear. The directions say to it will "probably" need a second coat. After the first coat had dried, I had horrible brush strokes. I actually added a third coat to minimize the streaks! Tomorrow I will paint up a few more samples and I will try to remember to take a picture of what just one coat looked like.

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