Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monoprinting: a little more successful

Last night I tried using Golden's OPEN acrylics again for monoprinting. I VERY quickly doodled a design (I didn't want to do anything requiring a lot of work as I wasn't sure if it would work out at all.) In the middle is my "design". I placed it under a piece of plexiglass and applied the paint. The example on the right is the first pull. The colors were strong but some areas didn't have great color transfer. I went back over it in areas with a wet brush and as the acrylics were still a little wet, I was able to blend colors a little more.

The image on the left is a second pull. This time I soaked the paper in a water bath as I would if I was monoprinting with inks. I bloated the paper dry between two paper towels and then layed it over the inked plate.

Two other things that I did was I used the back of a wooden spoon to burnish the images and really get a a good transfer of paints and I also used a different paper. The first examples a few days ago were made using a textured, thick watercolor paper. This was much thinner Japapese paper. I used my covered pallette and the paints are still wet and usable this morning.

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