Monday, July 05, 2010

Japanese Embroidery, Phase One complete

In April, I started taking Japanese embroidery at the Japanese Embroidery Center here in Atlanta. Most of the people who know me well, didn't think I would last a day. I am not quiet nor a controlled stitcher; however, I know that I am not focused or detailed in my art, which is one of the important parts of Japanese embroidery. I have surprised most people, especially myself, in that I really am enjoying it. It is peaceful stitching.
Coincidentally, I started my City and Guild stitching course during the same month. Both courses are very opposite, with one being all about creating your own designs and learning to think for yourself, while the other is imitate the master for years until you become a master yourself. I think that taking them simultaniously will keep me balanced - well hopefully!


Christa Evans said...

Congratulations Sharon! I'm so glad you chose to take JE at the center. Don't worry. There are others out here who are not especially "quiet". Your work is beautiful. Can't wait to see the completion of phase II. :)

coral-seas said...

Hi Sharron, it is always a delight to meet another Japanese Embroidery. My name is Carol-Anne; I live in Oxford, England.

Well done on completing you Phase I, and taking C&G at the same time. You must be busy, busy, busy.

embroidnurse said...

Wow, that is fab, nice work. I love your other stuff too and I had no idea that you could study City and Guilds in the States. I have part 1 in Creative Embroidery then went back to nursing but HAVE to craft in my spare time to stay sane. I'm interested in your comparison of Brusho and other dyes?
Thank you :)