Monday, July 05, 2010

Bead Embroidery

I finished this piece of bead embroidery this weekend. I started it in a class with Sheri Serafini. The structure is her's but the embroidery design is mine. I really wanted to get it finished as I am taking two Japanese bead embroidery classes this month at the Japanese embroidery center here in Atlanta. I can't wait. A master bead embroidery is coming from Japan for a few weeks to teach, so it is a wonderful opportunity!


Jane Greiner said...

Wow Sharon! This is beautiful! I will have to put Japanese embroidery on my list of techniques to try one day!

CynW said...

Hi, Sharon! So nice to meet you last week. I stumbled across this blog googling about Japanese bead embroidery.

*claychick* said...

hello, that is gorgeous and i love it. xxx