Sunday, December 30, 2007

I made this piece last week. It is an example for a class that I am working up on Experimental Quilting techniques for Tiny Stitches. The class will be on ongoing class on "non-traditional stitching and surface design techniques. The one part that really didn't work out as well as I wanted is the word "Magic" that I stenciled. I really wanted it to be a more pronounced element.


Margaret said...

Sharon, this is very cool. You mentioned "magic" not standing out. Well, magic is sometimes very subtel, but unmistakably all around us. It looks perfect! I'll be contacting Tiny Stitches about your class. Sounds interesting. Margaret

Hellenne Vermillion, (formerly Helen Charles) said...

LOve it! And sounds like a great class you're teaching at Tiny Stitches.
Like Margaret says, "magic" can be subtle. Shows up when you least expect it.

Wendy said...

Sharon, this is really great. I'll be checking with Tiny Stitches for more information about your class. Wendy