Tuesday, January 01, 2008

May Everyone have a wonderful 2008!

It is January 1st. 2007 wasn't the best year for me. I rarely go in to "life details" on my blog, but as this is the new year, I decided it was appropriate. I have been sooo sick this past year. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease two years ago and have been looking for a "natural" solution; unfortunately, I have only let it get much worse. I have zero energy and zero tolerance for B.S. I have gained almost 30 pounds (also not great for my health) and am just generally blue! I am not a blue person. At first I kept thinking it was just the universes way to bring balance. I needed to see this side of life to reach even greater happiness. Well, I am not buying that anymore. I am taking charge of my happiness again and will really spend 2008 on me! I am probably going to have my thyroid removed or "fried" permanently soon. I am going to focus on my needs and not worry about the "should's" of life. I am also going to try not to over commit my time (this is definitely the hardest for me). I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband who truly is filled with unconditional love and I am so grateful for him. I have two great boys 14 and 18; they are truly nice kids but still teenage boys and therefore a handful. Jamie just not his acceptance at University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. He hasn't applied anywhere else, but says he is still planning on it.
The picture is a canvas I am working on in acrylics. I have decided to spend more time on painting this year too (along with the printmaking). I am hoping that ideas will be able to flow more easily from the different mediums. This painting is being built up in layers. At the time this picture was taken it only has about three layers.


Jules said...

Congrats to you (and Jamie) on his college acceptances.

I want to thank you for all of the support you gave me this year on going back to work and with my art. Truly, you are a great influence in my life.

sallyh said...

Wonderful to have found your site in the new year....I'm enraptured! And now I feel inspired to break out of the mold again and go wherever I'm led.
Sorry to hear of your illnesses. I've been taking Usana products for the last 10+ years and wouldn't go without them for a day. www.usana.com
Take care and continue having fun!
Sally Heron