Friday, January 06, 2017

Module Two, Chapter six: Shibori Samples

These are my twelve shibori samples.  I really like them for the most part.  One main problem was that the black turned out to a middle to dark grey-green instead of black.  I have dyed a lot in the past, but I have never done it in the winter.  I usually do it outside in the sun and here in the Southeastern U.S.  it is always warm in the summer.  I usually dye it and then cover it with saran wrap and leave it outside for several hours.  Last weekend while do these, it was very cold and I left them outside in the garage overnight.  Despite using extra black dye as well as buying fresh dye to use, it didn't quite darken enough.  If we have a warm spell, I might try and do some more.  I think this will get me started on the next few chapters.

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