Friday, January 06, 2017

Module Two, Chapter Six, Shibori - roped and tied

These are my shibori pieces ready to dye.  I did several standard tie dye method with many rubber bands to make an over circular pattern as well a folded square with a bulldog clip.  I also just scrunched a piece and tied it up with rubber bands.  I also folded a piece of fabric in a square and rubber banded it and then folded another in a triangle and rubber banded the tips.
I also tried several using the tritik shibori method.  I accordion folded fabric and hand stitched it ever half inch to an inch and created pleated materials.  I also accordion folded another piece of fabric and then machine stitched down the center.  I also tried to machine stitch a pattern to see what that would do.
I tried to arashi shibori methods.  I did now on a fat pvc pipe and used rubber bands to scrunch the fabric together.  I also used a dowel and rubber bands.

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