Sunday, August 26, 2007

But, as I was saying I went to Nashville with my friend Hiedi Miracle ( and we met Rebecca Reasons Edwards there. There really weren't a lot of quilts there though, but I did enjoy the special exhibit, "Expressions". I had thought about submitting something to it but (of course) didn't seem to get my piece finished in time! Basically, Nashville was just an excuse to get a lot of quilters to come and shop. This really wasn't a problem to me as I loved it! You of the big "finds" of the show was a couple of great artists, Debbie Bates, Liz Kettle, and Terry White. They were in the WonderFil Specialty Thread booth. Debbie and Liz wrote a book (which I bought) Stitch Journeys and I think are the wholesalers here for WonderFil Threads. I really loved the look of their threads and purchased quite a bit of it. I am going to play with it in my Journal Quilt that I am working furiously on for Houston. Terry White was demonstrating the threads and how where they cool. She has several videos out on thread painting and I bought one and can't wait to get into it. She was so talented!

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Jules said...

I am coming next year, even if I have to take one of those precious three personal days!