Monday, January 29, 2007

I ended up staying an extra week at Jan & Jean's class. It was quite an experience. What was truly amazing was my wonderful husband's response when I called him up and said that I wanted to stay an extra week (which meant double the already substantial cost!), all he said was "I knew you weren't going to be able to leave." What did I get out of the class:

1. Remembering that this is art; always remember the basics.

2. Don't let your work be defined by "cool" technique instead of good design.

3. Work our your ideas before trying to come up with a finished project. In art school, we started by doing tons of drawings, then creating a mock up, BEFORE making the decision of whether to create a more "finished" or "resolved" work. I don't think I have spent more than short time trying to work out my ideas before beginning a piece in a very long time!

4. Don't add glitz just to add glitz.

5. I really do like stitching by hand.

Well, there were many more things that I learned, but I think that these were the most important. This is one of samples we did in class. It is a pattern based on butterfly wings.


Jules said...

Glad to have you back. I was missing you.

Susan said...

I probably should read a bit more before jumping in and posting...but I can't help myself. I am SO JEALOUS. I've really valued the time I've had with Jan and Jean but haven't been in a class with them since they taught in Anchorage, Alaska over two years ago. I've been to Calloway Gardens in Georgia twice two. I can drive there from here in South Carolina....but the USA is still pretty far away from them and England is REALLY expensive when one is converting dollars into pounds. Your work is absolutely wonderful. The list of things you learned, however, are even more important and more wonderful to read. I've printed the advice and will read it from time to time. It is so important! If you could, please expand on the newer water soluble products being used and experimented with. I generally mail order by supplies from The Thread Studio in Perth. Are any of these things available through them? Are there new books from Jan and Jean? Tell me more!
Thanks again, especially for the good advice

Susan said...

Hi again! Yes, I should have read more! You're NOT in England. How did you find out about the workshop with Jan and Jean...or was this one at Calloway Gardens?