Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here are four examples of the scarf. I am leading a work group with my wonderful Fiber ArtBees next Friday on how to make these. It is very, very easy. Sandwich "stuff" between two layers of ultra solvy and free motion embroider all over it; the only caveat is that you need to criss-cross your sewing lines to keep everything together. The peach example has about 6 different specialty yarns (approx. 25 yards I think). this is only enough yarn for a smaller scarf. Next to it is an example that I am working on now (probably will work on it next Friday). The two ends are not meant to be scarves but fiber pieces for another piece, but it is the same technique. Please excuse the UGLY carpet. I have two very good reasons for not replacing it: 1) I can spend the extra money on more fibers without feeling guilty. 2) My dear sweet husband doesn't complain when I spill dyes or paint on it. Actually, the worst was when I dropped an enamel piece as I was taking it out of the kiln and caught the carpet on fire. Thank goodness that I was wearing fireproof shoes and stomped it out! Now you see why I really think my husband deserves to be sainted!

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