Friday, October 02, 2015

Thirty sketches in thirty days - day twenty two

- What is so cool is that this is actually my twenty sixth sketch! It really is getting easier. It isn't just about getting into the habit as much as developing a system that works for me and my lifestyle. I work full time and am in my last semester of an MBA program. Between these demands and my family and dogs, I don't have a lot of downtime. The big win from committing to the thirty days is that I have worked out ways to bring it into my daily routine. Before I would go into my art room, away from everyone, and make art, but then I was away from the family and the dogs. By getting a second set of pens and a few wood less pencils and kneaded eraser, I was able to keep that and a sketchbook in the family room and sketch on my lap. The second big barrier was my nice sketchbooks that I would use. Instead I bought a cheap sketchbook. As I was only doing pencil and ink, I didn't need expensive paper. I was free to make mistakes and just draw. I soon realized that the last big barrier was deciding what to draw. Sitting on the couch at nine at night, I was too exhausted to 'be creative', so I started printing out in groups of seven or eight, pictures to sketch either from my phone, images from the Internet, or this great site called Paint my Pictures.

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