Sunday, November 09, 2008

Acrylic Skins

My friend Rebecca and I sat in on some demos on using golden Digital Grounds recently. Patty Brady with the Golden educators program gave the talk and it was great. Although I made a few initial tries using them, I really couldn't "get" it. One of the cool ways that she showed us was making acrylic skins, coating them with the digital ground and sending it through the printer. Unfortunately, my first "great" idea was to try and send the skin through the printer on the freezer paper. I send crazy things through my printer all the time without much trouble; this time the waxiness of the freezer paper and the skin just couldn't seem to move through the printer without jamming. I thought I was saving myself a step but instead my skin just got twisted up; the good news is the image did transfer. I removed the paper and then the skin from the freezer paper. I flipped the image over, retaped the skin to a piece of typing paper and reprinted the image on the reverse side. It worked beautifully. I then fixed the image with Golden spray varnish twice. Here is the piece as printed.

I also turned the image over and using a Q-tip. I cleaned up some of the mucked ink from the jammed paper tries. It cleaned up pretty well. this is a small image from one of my sketchbooks. I will use the image to collage in another piece I am working on. Because it is clear, I assume it will be almost seamless in the final painting.

Here is a third skin I made with tar gel and Golden paints. I haven't a clue where this one will end up!

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