Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Log Cabin

This is my Swedish Log Cabin. Don't even ask what Sweden has to do with Log Cabins. I haven't made a log cabin quilt in over 20 years. Although these aren't my "usual" colors, I really like it. I actually posted these three quilts to give my sister, Marian, a choice for her birthday present. Yes, her birthday was over 2 weeks ago and if you notice none of the quilts are even quilted yet.


Jules said...

I had no idea that you made traditional quilts. These are great! I love the colors in the one below this post.

jehan said...

Hey when do i get to choose which one I want Sharon? As you know, my birthday is in November and I would love one. :) They are all great by the way.

Dianne said...

beautiful quilt! you don't want to know how many years my dresdin plate quilt has gone unquilted...giving yours as a gift will give you a deadline! lol