Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here is the purple felted face that I made while at the Focus on Fiber retreat. Next to it is some silk ribbon that I dyed and then part of an embroidered piece that I am working on. I started the retreat happy and creative, but on about the third day, I started have a bit of a confidence problem (well, I was surrounded by some pretty amazing artists). So, I knew that I needed to face my internal monsters and in true artist fashion, this is what I created. Of course, once you face your monsters, you realize how truly begign they are. In fact, they are really just small scared beings.

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Jules said...

I saw your work on someone else's blog. The faces are wonderful. You do such amazing stuff. I bet there are people saying, "Oh Sharon is going to be there. I feel so lucky to be working near her." I think that when I go to Fiber Art Fusion..