Thursday, June 08, 2006

One day my friend Rebecca, a great quilt artist, asked, "Hey, you want to come over and try burning stuff?" Well of course I said yes!
Here are some of my samples. It was great fun. You can see that I used some of it in "Into the Void". It was way fun, but truly I had the best results with a heat gun and a wood burning tool, and not an open flame. A very special thanks to Rebecca's husband who set us up in the garage with a fan behind us to blow the noxious fumes away and of course a fire extinguisher (sp?)!!!!

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jenclair said...

Interesting results! How are you going to use them? I bought myself a heat tool, but have only played with it once so far. Love the examples in QA magazine of "burned stuff."

The fan and the fire extinguisher sound like a good man, Rebecca's husband.